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  • Waiver of Appearance and Entry of Fees


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  • Pursuant to G.S. 1 5A-1-11, the undersigned defendant enters this written waiver of appearance and respectfully enters this written waiver of appearance and respectfully shows to the court the following:

  • 2. The undersigned is represented by Wunsch Law Firm, a duly licensed attorney in the State of North Carolina and who is duly designated and authorized to waive my appearance to enter my plea to the stated offense, and to proceed in my absence.

    3. The defendant understands and agrees to waive defendant’s right to testify in person, the right to confront accusers, and agrees to be bound by the Judgment of the Court to the same extent as if defendant was personally present in Court, subject to retaining right of appeal.

    4. The defendant is not present due to the above stated offense qualifying as a waivable offense.

    5. The undersigned authorizes the above attorney to enter the following plea on behalf of the defendant: BEST PLEA

    6. WHEREFORE, the defendant prays the Court to allow this written waiver and to accept this plea as entered by the designated attorney.

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  • consent to the following:

    1. The Wunsch Law Firm charges a $15 administrative fee to obtain your driving record. This fee has already been included in your quoted price. This fee reflects the cost of obtaining this record via internet service. Although, we may be able to obtain this record from the Harnett County Courthouse without charge by sending our staff member to obtain it, the administrative fee shall remain the property of the Wunsch Law Firm for the time required to obtain said record.

    2. The Client understands and agrees to the Wunsch Law Firm policy on partial payments: The client must pay a minimum balance to retain the attorney’s services. If the Client does not pay the balance in full prior to the Client’s first court date following the retention of the Wunsch Law Firm, the Wunsch Law Firm will continue the Client’s case ONE time without additional fees. The Client is then responsible for paying their entire balance prior to the next court date. If the Client does not pay their entire balance, in full, and have all documentation needed to plea the case prior to the next court date, the client understands a $75 continuance fee will be added to their account. If the continuance fee is not paid, at least two business days prior to the court date, the client understands the attorney will NOT continue your case and there will be additional $25 fee added to the client’s balance. If the client fails to have all documentation and monies paid after the three (3) continuances, the client understands and acknowledges that the Wunsch Law Firm will not continue the case and is able to withdraw from the case.

    3. The Client understands and acknowledges that if they are solely responsible for all court costs and fines associated with their case, they must be delivered to the cashier of the Clerk of Court or paid online following their plea. The Wunsch Law Firm cannot be held accountable any penalties that may occur due to unpaid court costs. The Client understands that if they are unable to pay their court costs on the date of their plea, the Court will charge them an additional $20 for payment on a later date.

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